I Used Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty Vitamins For A Month

Tati Westbrook is known for her YouTube channel where she does makeup tutorials and lifestyle-like videos.

I honestly didn’t know of Tati before all of the drama went down with her and James Charles.

BUT you should know, she is a sensational YouTuber and entrepreneur. Which makes it sound like she made a brand off of her name. But that isn’t the case. She made a brand off of her brand, which she created from scratch with her YouTube channel.

This all sounds totally millennial, but Tati Westbrook is one of very few YouTubers out there who you feel that trust and confidence with when you watch her videos. Like you KNOW she is telling you the truth.

So, I tried her vitamin brand for a month.

If you don’t know, Tati Westbrook has a vitamin brand called Halo Beauty. Tati has four vitamins on her site and, of course, I had to try the most expensive one, the hair, skin, & nails booster.

These vitamins run for $39.95, which is pretty expensive compared to the hair skin and nails vitamins you can get from a drug store for $12, but compared to higher quality vitamins, it’s a pretty standard price.

Now I didn’t document my hair growth or my nail growth or how often I got a pimple over this month because of a few reasons.

First of all, hair grows. So based on the fact that I don’t know how long my hair typically grows in a month, I had nothing to compare it to. The same goes for nails.

And as far as pimples go, this isn’t a pimple blocker, so I didn’t expect my face to miraculously clear up.

Initial thoughts

The packaging is super nice and the pills are cute and pink! HOWEVER: they taste awful. You know what collagen tastes like? Yeah. It tastes like that. But it’s fine because it’s quick and a swig of coffee will get rid of that aftertaste.

Overall results/thoughts

I liked these vitamins. They were a little pricey and you only get a months worth of pills, but I thought that based on the wholesome and quality of ingredients, it was worth it.

If you are someone who really takes thought into the chemicals that are in vitamins and all of the ingredients are organic and whatnot, these are probably your kind of pills.

As I stated previously, I did not measure how much my hair grew or base my opinions on if I got a pimple or not. BUT I did see some results that sold me on Tati’s Halo Beauty for sure.

My hair was shiny and it felt stronger. I’ve always had pretty normal hair, it isn’t thick and it isn’t too thin. After a few weeks in with these vitamins, I noticed my hair had a natural shine to it when I would wash it and let it air dry.

As far as the strength, I just noticed that there was less hair collected in my brush after I would brush it and I didn’t have hardly any breakage when I would use heat to style my hair.

My skin developed a really nice glow to it while taking these pills which really made me feel cute af. I noticed when I would wake up in the morning that my skin looked more alive and glow-y than it usually did.

That was the biggest thing I noticed, other than that I saw a lot less redness in my skin. I have really sensitive skin so products or itching give me lots of redness and I had a lot less of that.

Overall I thought the pills were great, I definitely won’t be buying them monthly because that’s like…$40 a month that I don’t want to spend. BUT they were a solid addition to my daily routine for the month!

I will for sure buy again, but just not on a monthly basis.

Hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on these!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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