My Face Is Completely Transformed Thanks To My Winter Skincare Routine

For a lot of people, winter sucks for their skin because it dries your face out, the weather makes your skin tone uneven, and makeup just doesn’t sit right on your face.

My face usually gets super dry when the seasons change and I get a whole lot of redness. But this year, I switched up my daily skincare routine and my skin feels and looks better than ever.

Morning routine

When I wake up I head to the bathroom and rinse my face with super cold water and pat it dry; I don’t like to use soap in the morning.

I then add three drops of my vitamin c serum and roll it into my skin with my jade roller which I keep in the refrigerator.

Vitamin C is a life saver and definitely my favorite serum to use. It fights anti aging, helps even out your skin tone, and provides antioxidants.

I have the WORST puffy face when I wake up in the morning, and it’s especially bad if I had a lot of sodium the night before.

I let my serum soak into my face before I apply my moisturizer and eye cream, which I also keep refrigerated.

I like to keep my moisturizers cold because it helps wake me up and reduce any puffiness I have on my face.

That’s it. I don’t like to add a lot to my face or use any face washes in the morning because I don’t think it’s necessary to keep stripping my skin of its natural oils, especially when it was just washed 6-8 hours before.

Evening routine

I start by taking off my makeup with a makeup wipe and then washing my face.

Every two days I exfoliate my face at night and the other days I wash my face thoroughly with Dove soap. My face is pretty sensitive to products so I try to keep everything as simple as possible.

Again, I pat my face dry, I never wipe. My mom and aunt used to tell me never to pull down on my face to dry it or remove makeup because it will cause wrinkles.

I then apply a hyaluronic acid serum and a niacinamide serum and press it into my skin with my fingers.

Hyaluronic acid is great for hydration and helping to keep your skin looking bouncy and youthful.

The niacinamide is mainly to control acne and fight existing blemishes while keeping others from popping up. I was told to not use this serum at the same time as a vitamin c because they can diminish one another’s effectiveness, so if you’re thinking of trying new serums, do not use them at the same time of day!

Daily tips

Always apply your serums BEFORE your moisturizer. I feel like if you moisturize before, the serums don’t absorb into your skin as well, plus it creates a creamy liquid that is hard to blend into the skin.

Cut out OR down on your dairy intake. I have made it a priority to be dairy free 98 percent of the time for two reasons. 1. It does wonders for the skin and detoxes and clears up those pimples. And 2. I am somewhat dairy intolerant and it doesn’t help the bloating and cyst ruptures I get from my PCOS.

The original Blistex is the absolute BEST chapstick for dry lips, but if they are dried up beyond repair, exfoliate them with some brown sugar and then put coconut oil on them a few times a day.

Finally, drink a ton of water. This is super cliche and every single person out there will tell you to do that. But I started drinking a gallon+ of water/day and it keeps my skin very hydrated and clear.

Side note, a lot of people think that lemon in water helps detox your skin more quickly, but I recently read an article that proves that theory is a total myth, so skip the lemon…unless you really want it.

Products I use

I have been LOVING Ordinary Beauty. Their products are very simple, affordable, and have proven to really help my skin.

Vitamin C

Hyaluronic Acid




Hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on my skincare routine or the products I use!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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