5 Unique Engagement Gifts To Send To Your Newly Engaged Friends That They Will Adore

Engagement gifts are so much fun to pick out and send to your besties who just got engaged. If you have been wanting to send an engagement gift to your friends but are worried that someone else might be sending the same one? I gotchu.

Lucas and I got engaged in May 2020 and we received so much love and so many gifts. While we had a couple of repeats, we loved everything and definitely get a lot of use out of them.

Keep your engagement gifts for your buddies unique and equally special by trying one of these below.

A Wedding Band Dish

My friend Lily and I got this for our friend Marisa and her fiancé Sam and it was so adorable. While you may only be friends with one person in the couple, it’s nice to include both of them in the gift if you can!

A wedding band dish will be perfect for when they’re married and can both put their wedding bands in there. Until then, the beautiful rock will have to do by itself in there.

Customizable Thank-You Notes

I never thought I would care so much about the aesthetic of my thank-you notes. Whether they got a card with some money or a bottle of champagne, they will need plenty of thank-you notes throughout their engagement/post-wedding.

Also, how cute would it be to get a thank-you note from them on the stationary that you gifted them, adorable, right?

His & Hers Luggage Tags

My friend Allie got Lucas and me these and it’s one of our favorite gifts we received. As a new bride-to-be it’s exciting to see your soon-to-be new initials (if you’re taking your fiancé or fiancée’s last name) physically in front of you.

Personalized M&M’s

SUCH a cute gift. While they won’t get to keep them forever since they will eat them all, they could always freeze a couple just to have if that’s their kind of thing (?)

I’ve always thought customized M&M’s are adorable so getting them as a gift would be s’cute.

A Polaroid Printer

This was something I purchased myself after Lucas and I got engaged. I wanted to have the polaroid prints to add to a photo book throughout our engagement for special dates and memories but I didn’t want to have a huge camera to carry around.

This way, any photos they snap on their phone can be printed into polaroids later.

Note: If you go with this as a gift, you will have to get them a roll of film or two to load into the printer!

As I said before, I have started a little wedding series on my blog, so if you have any wedding planning, proposal, engagement questions for me, feel free to drop me a DM!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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