Trying Out A Full Face Of Dollar General’s Makeup Brand

Typically if you are grabbing cosmetics from Dollar General, it’s because you are in a pinch and need a pair of strip lashes.

In May 2019, DG released their own brand of makeup called Believe Beauty that would be exclusively sold in DG stores all of it priced under $5.

I headed to my local DG down here in Texas to pick up a few of the products from the, supposedly, shockingly decent, makeup line.

I ended up getting foundation, bronzer, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, concealer, setting powder, a contour stick, and primer.

I’m only going to do a blog review on the foundation, concealer, primer, contour stick, and setting powder and then will review the rest in my Insta story.


There were three different primers available but I ended up getting the “Pretty and Primed”color correcting primer because I have quite a bit of redness on my skin.

I have been a devoted Benefit Cosmetics “Porefessional” since I started using primer, so this one was not for me.

Price: $5

Score: 3/10


Let’s start with the pros because I’m nice like that.

It gave my skin a very soft veil-like feel to it. That’s it. That’s the whole pro.


This primer was green, hence, color correcting, and it was pretty watery. The consistency reminded me of the Tatcha water cream moisturizer. And personally, that isn’t what I want in a primer.

I like my primer to be thicc and creamy and just to fill in all my pores. This was not it sis.

It also had zero scent. I don’t like my products to be super fragrant or over powering, but a subtle clean or flowery smell is nice. This one just smelled like nothing.


For foundation I got the “Skin Finish Foundation” in the shade warm vanilla.

It says that this foundation is medium to full coverage which is what I like. I use Too Faced “Born This Way” on a daily basis and she is my absolute favorite.

Price: $5

Score: 8.5/10


Guys. GUYS. This foundation is a SOLID everyday foundation. First of all, the shade matched my skin pretty perfectly which I was worried about because it had more of an orangy/warm undertone in the bottle.

I really liked the color of the foundation once it was on my face. Like I said, it definitely looked a little more orangey, but it toned down once it oxidized and was blended into my skin. #beautyinfluencer

I wore it for about six hours and worked out in it and haven’t experienced any oily patches or places where it separated on my skin which is fire.

Also it’s SUPER light weight. It isn’t a super thick consistency and it doesn’t make your face feel cakey. Love that for me.


This is not medium to full coverage it is medium coverage at BEST. It definitely has the potential to be buildable but based off of one coat of foundation.

But, since my face is pretty clear rn, I wasn’t too mad at it.


I’m pretty sure there was only one kind of concealer, and it’s called the “You’re Covered” liquid concealer and I got it in the shade light beige.

Price: $4

Score: 7/10


I like a thicc concealer. Like, Tarte “Shape Tape,” or, my everyday choice, Born This Way concealer.

This concealer was very creamy and it blended out so seamlessly with my foundation.

My two favorite things about this concealer was how it wore after the whole day and the color. After a full day of wear, it did not budge. normally concealer is the first to start curdlin’ or creasin’ and this one stayed put.

The color of this concealer was SO pretty. It wasn’t too bright and was matte without looking dry.


It was not thick enough for me. I had to do several coats to build up enough coverage to cover up my blemishes. As an undereye concealer? Wonderful. Magnificent.

Contour stick

I got the dual ended contour stick in medium. KKW who?

Price: $4.50

Score: 3/10

OK yeah, Kim’s is probably way better than this one.


The darker end of the stick is a really nice contour color.


The lighter end of the stick is a very odd orangey-clay color that is not cute.

Also, the application is really thick. I feel like with cream contour it should be lighter and easier to blend in but this was just an odd consistency.

Which brings me to my final con, it did not blend out nicely. I did one side of my face with a contour brush to blend and then a beauty blender with the other and I was not impressed with how it looked on my face. It almost sat on top of my other make up and didn’t melt down how it should.

Setting powder

They had powders with light color to them, but I chose the translucent powder to set my undereyes and other areas of my face.

Price: $5

Score: 9/10

I LOVE this powder.


This powder reminds me of a Laura Mercier knock off. You can tell it’s not Laura, but it’s a pretty damn good dupe.

It’s super light and velvety soft and definitely helps mattify (is that how you spell it?) your skin. BUT does not look chalky or super white.


The container is a tad small and I feel like I will go through it very quickly, would love a deeper tin with some more product. Thx.

Overall thoughts

As an overall score, I would give this little haul a 7/10. It went well for staple products, but some just completely flopped. Which is fine

I don’t think my intentions were high for this and I didn’t think I would really keep any of it, but I am definitely introducing a few of these guys in my daily makeup routine.

Welp, that’s all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed my teeny review, don’t forget to head over to my Instagram story to see my review of the rest of the DG products I got!

As always, hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on my these products.

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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