I Drank A Gallon Of Water Every Day For Two Weeks And It Made Me Feel SO Good

I neverrrrrr got enough water in my day to day life. Like, water was the last thing on my mind.

I would drink a glass here and there throughout the day, but my body definitely needed more.

What was the process like?

Since I work from home, I felt like it was easy for me to just carry around a gallon jug water bottle and keep myself accountable with the knowledge that I was doing it to track what happened to my body in the process.

If I was drinking out of cups or 16 oz. water bottles, I definitely would have a harder time keeping track. Having that gallon jug made it so easy to look at it and think, “OK, I’m only half way done and it’s 7 PM,” so I knew when to drink a little more.

There were some days when I would finish my gallon by like 6 PM and I would drink over a gallon. I would end my day feeling like the picture of health, like, hi hydration.

By the way, it’s been several weeks since I started this little experiment and I am STILL drinking around a gallon or more of water per day. #sohealthy

Wednesday, week one:

I started this on Sunday of week one, but I’m starting my documenting here so you get a picture of a couple days progress.

By Wednesday I had SO much more energy when I woke up, and I found myself getting really thirsty and crave more water throughout the day.

Which was odd, considering how much I was drinking, but it definitely helped me reach for the water instead of a Diet Dr. Pepper.

At this point, I hadn’t started to see any improvements with my skin yet to document, but I was definitely feeling more energized.

Friday, week one:

By Friday this week, not only was I more energized, but the energy was giving me motivation to be more active and busy throughout my day.

Sitting at a desk all day is a little mundane, but I was doing more at work and keeping myself on task too.

I found myself taking Maddox on longer walks, spending more time in the gym, and staying away from any lazy funks.

Again, I was craving water a lot. By Friday I was drinking more than a gallon a day because I was mindlessly drinking it so much throughout the workday.

I also think that by this point, it was easier for me to drink that much water instead of forgetting to drink more and then chugging it all at the end of the day.

Sunday, week two:

By the start of week two, I was a pro. Water became my go-to and I wasn’t having any morning coffee. In fact, I didn’t need my 3 PM pick-me-up cup of Joe either.

Again, #sohealthy.

By week two, my skin got rid of a zit I had on my chin a lot faster than usual and my skin felt a lot smoother.

In my mind, the water was “filling my pores,” which sounds super nerdy and outrageous but that’s what I was thinking, go ahead, laugh.

My energy and motivation was still up, and all this water was helping me not have any cravings.

I have very specific cravings at all times: a snickers bar, doritos, or Wendy’s spicy nuggs.

Was I craving any of those things during my late night munchies or when I was hangry? NO. My water kept me sane.

It’s like my body was thanking me for all the water that she was like “OK fine, as a thanks, I won’t make you crave shitty food.”

Friday, week two:

We are popping down to Friday because by Wednesday, I was feeling the same things and improvements in my body that I did on Sunday.

But by FRIDAY, I had a new addition to the “new things I didn’t know my body could feel on a daily basis” list: I had so much mental clarity.

A lot of times when I wake up, or hit a wall through my day, I get this fogginess in my brain and I forget things or need a wake up call to fix my brain being an asshole.

By Friday, I wasn’t experiencing any of that. Which, in turn, made me so much more productive. We stan a productive boss bitch.

Cons of drinking a gallon of water a day:

You pee a lot. Like, A LOT.

But you know that feeling when you pee and it’s clear af and you’re thinking to yourself “damn, I’m hydrated as hell,” yeah that’s what I was feeling.

So it’s a pro and a con.

Overall thoughts:

DO IT. Not only is it wonderful for your health, but it makes you feel so good.

Like I said, I continued to drink this much water after the two weeks, I just stopped tracking the affects it was having on my body.

A lot of people say that drinking this much aids weight loss, but that wasn’t really something I was tracking when I did this. It did make me more motivated to go to the gym and stay even longer, though.

Maybe that’s what they mean. Who knows.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it educational and entertaining.

As always, hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on my water buffalo journey!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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