I Put Alexis Ren’s Ab Workout To The Test For 30 Days And I Wasn’t Expecting The Results I Got

So it is Sunday, July 21 and I am starting my first day of doing Alexis Ren’s ab workout for a whole month. Yes, that means every day. Not three days a week, not off on weekends, EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

If you don’t know, Alexis Ren is a model, was on Dancing With The Stars, always goes on these exotic vacations in God knows where, oh, and she has a sick ass body.

As a disclaimer, I am NOT doing these workouts because I want to look like Alexis Ren. I love my body, we are tight af, but I wanted to see the credibility behind her workouts for myself.

As someone who has been trying to get my butt back in the gym and eating healthy, I thought this would be a great way to kick that off with a blog post to hold me accountable.

I’m not a YouTuber so I won’t be videoing these workouts, because who wants to watch me workout for 30 days, but I will be logging the intensity, how I feel after each workout, and a weekly check in on my body progress and how I feel overall.

Alright, LFG #gains.

Week 1, Day 1 – Sunday, July 21

Let me start off by saying…


I went into this with the disposition that “Oh, she knows her body is sick and probably posted this video for the pageviews so she can be monetized.”

Nah… Nah.

Morning of day one!

Let me preface my struggle with saying, I am out of shape. Like, hardcore out of shape. So, if you are a 5-day/week gym-goer, this will not be as hard for you.

So how these workouts work is you basically do 30 and 60 second intervals (whichever the video says) straight for 10 minutes.

The 10-minute ab workout headline is SO appealing, but it’s hard. 10 minutes straight of abs with no rests between each workout feels like a full hour of cardio and abs at the same time.

I’m dramatic, but like, I’m not…

Day 1 of Week 2 – Sunday, July 29

Alright, so it’s day seven of doing Alexis Ren’s ab and beach booty workouts and It’s getting a lot easier, which means I’m getting a lil’ stronger! Yay for gainz!

These are considered circuit training workouts so you get really out of breath when you’re doing workouts for 30-60 seconds each right in a row.

During the first few days of the workouts, I noticed it was difficult for me to do each workout for the full 30 or 60 seconds. I didn’t have the stamina or the strength to keep it going, but I still managed to get through the duration of the whole circuit.

Around day four I found the sessions to get easier. I was holding steady through each workout and wasn’t breathing as heavily.

Start of week 2!

As I said before, I am doing this workout seven days a week for four weeks.

Additionally, I want to mention that I am doing this workout combined with super clean eating.

I needed to get my booty back into shape so I figured with starting a workout ~test~ like this, I would start eating healthy to fuel my body and get results that reflect on BOTH.

Day 1 of Week 3 – Sunday, August 4

Today I was very proud of myself because I got through the workout without any stopping or pausing the workout, or finishing a workout before the time ended. Small victories.

My tummy is looking flatter. My pants are fitting differently (in a good way). My hips don’t look as full.

Start of week 3.


I’m not saying that I dropped six inches or am now miraculously a size smaller, but I am making progress. Which is SO rewarding.

But I AM feeling great and looking great.

There is something about being consistent with working out and eating better that really makes you want to keep going.

Day 1 of Week 4 – Sunday, August 11

LAST WEEK! Hooray! I did it, I’m here, I made it.

I’m not worried about finishing this 30 stint of working for the sake of the blog, but I’m excited to keep it goin’. I’m more motivated than I have been in a while.

My parents are coming to visit Lucas and me next month and I keep telling them, “guys, wait till you see how good I look.” I’m SUPER proud of myself.

Going into week 4, my strength feels great. I feel like from all the planking my arms are even getting a little stronger.

Morning OF day 30!

I’ve been walking around in a sports bra, wearing tighter shirts to the gym, wearing more crop tops, like I feel good, guys.

End Review

Woooo, I’m done! I’m not happy it’s over because I don’t need to work out anymore, but I’m happy to be able to see the results and my overall opinion of the last 30 days.

By the way! I missed 3 workouts over all. I tried very hard to do it every single day, so I think missing only 3 is pretty good!

side by sides of day 1 and day 30.

I have noticed that I really enjoy doing circuit training and HIIT workouts. I used to enjoy weight lifting because it was like I ~felt~ like I was doing more, ya know? But circuit training kicks your ASS.

I will say that I did get a little bored doing the same stuff every day. Beginning of week three I did start adding 5 lb. plates to my side planks and dumbbells to the crunch variations to make it a little more difficult when the workouts started getting a little easier.

I want to keep going with these workout challenges. This past week I have been doing some regular workouts in the gym with weights or circuit workouts here and there to take a break from the challenges, but want to start something new!

If you have any suggestions of fitness influencers or celebrities’ workouts/eating habits you want me to try out let me know!

I want to try them!

As usual, hit me up if you have any questions about this workout or my experience over the last 30 days!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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