I Tried A Mascara I Saw In An Instagram Ad In Hopes To Lengthen My Pathetic Lashes

I had a few people comment on my Instagram poll a while back asking me to try the Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara. Which I found interesting because I ALWAYS get an Instagram sponsored post in my feed for this mascara.

I was iffy at trying it because it’s like, do I want to put this on my eyes when it could be some chemical concoction that makes them all fall out? But, hey. I did it and they are still on my eyes, so.

As I have said before, I am lash-obsessed and it’s the one thing I like to feel good about because I have short, blonde eyelashes.

So I thought I might as well give another go with a different mascara to see if it would give me the dark, long lashes I want so badly.

Cost & Delivery

I ordered the mascara on July 29th and it was here on August 1st, so it got here pretty quickly.

In total, it costed me $29.95. The mascara was $24 and shipping was $5.95. The mascara being $24 is typically around what you would pay for a higher-end mascara, but the shipping kinda sends it over the edge.

I also was gifted a free little makeup bag which was cute, bc I can’t get enough free stuff.

About The Product

Most importantly, this mascara is cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free, and vegan. It is “powered” by orchid stem cell complex that will help lash growth. Which is pretty cool.

It also has a fibrous formula so that it comes off super easily when you take your makeup off.

Product Review

When I opened the tube, it smelled pretty chemically which I didn’t like. Mascara usually doesn’t smell like roses or chocolate, but this had a very strong chemical-ish smell.

Once I mixed it around in the tube though it kind of diluted and didn’t smell TOO strong anymore.

The mascara applied very smoothly and I got enough product on the wand to only need to dip it once.

It’s very light but thick but does not clump. If you are the type of girl who really likes thick thick lashes rather than the kind of lashes that are more spread out and long, then you should not buy this product.

It really spreads out your lashes and HELLA lengthens them. Which I like, depending on the look I am going for.

I definitely recommend curling your eyelashes before putting the mascara on because of the fibers that add length, if your real lashes aren’t sitting upright, then they will be longer, but not in the right place so it won’t look right.

But here is my FAVORITE feature of this mascara: IT DOES NOT SMEAR OFF YOUR FACE WITH WATER. Like, i’m not talking about waterproof, it physically does not smudge off with water no matter how hard you rub.

You know how when you wash your face and didn’t remove mascara, the residual mascara is like all over your face? Yeah, this mascara like rolls off of your eyelashes. It just tacks together and rolls off of your face.

I loveeeee this! It is so not messy. It is the best way to take off mascara.

Before and After

This is my before with my eyelashes CURLED. And yes, they are still dark from when I dyed them. Hallelujah!

Here is my after pic. It added a good bit of length that thickened the very ends of my lashes. This is hard to see how it looks close up so i’m going to add a picture of both of my eyes so you see different angles.

Overall Thoughts

I would give this product an 8.5/10. I really like the quality of the product when I apply it and how it makes my eyelashes look long and I loved how the product comes off with my makeup remover and/or water.

What I didn’t like though is that the fibers that elongate my lashes just went straight out so it didn’t give me the curled lash look that I was looking for.

Also I wish the product was a little bit cheaper coming in at maybe $20 instead of $24 so that way with shipping, it would be cheaper overall.

I do really like this mascara and will definitely continue using it on a daily basis.

Try this mascara if you’re searching for something new that will give you some extra length! It’s way cheaper than lash extensions that’s for sure.

Hit me up if you have anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions on this mascara.

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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