I Bought A FabFitFun Subscription To See If What You Got Is Actually Worth The Cost

FabFitFun sponsorship posts are all over Instagram from influencers or celebs who get paid probably a million dollars to post and don’t have to even pay for the damn box.

Well, my sister and cousin raved about their boxes and I decided I would hop on the trend and try it out for myself.

Sign-Up Process

The subscription process is super easy and a little fun, tbh.

You get you select all the things you’re interested whether it’s fitness, skincare, home decor, haircare, and a bunch of other random sh*t you never knew you needed.

If you are just a $50/quarterly subscriber, then you get to choose three products in each of your seasonal boxes. If you pay more (i’m not 100% sure how much more), you get to choose MORE of your items in your box.

Honestly though, I think it’s kind of fun getting more surprises.

screenshot from my FabFitFun profile

How Much Is It & How Much Is In The Box?

For the seasonal plan you pay $49.99 every season which will end up being every three months.

In my “summer” box I received nine, I wanna say, ~tangible~ items and then a magazine and a $50 voucher for HelloFresh.

I did the math for what everything in my box would cost (excluding the HelloFresh voucher, because those are literally everywhere) and it came out to be: $299.95.

That’s a LOT of fancy sh*t.

What Was In My Summer Box

Since this was my first box, I didn’t really know what to expect for the summer edition but was VERY pleased with (almost) all of it.

Isn’t she cute?

In my summer box I got:

  • Resistance bands – Burn
  • Anti-frizz hair cream – Living Proof
  • Rose spray – Grace & Stella
  • Refining micro polish face “treatment” – Intelligent Nutrients
  • Brightening purple clay mask – Generation Clay
  • Exfoliating foot mask – Whish
  • Telephone cord hair ties – invisibobble
  • Kimono – Spiritual Gangster
  • Felt Letter Board – xo, Sienna

All of the products you get in each box are FULL-SIZED.

I’ll post an Insta pic at some point with my kimono on so it can be seen on, but I wasn’t about to get ready to take a photo just to show a kimono. Maybe if I get blog-famous some day I will be that extra.

Final Thoughts

I subscribed to this box with the intention of ending my subscription after one box to be honest.

In my head, I was not about to pay $50 every three months for products I don’t always get to choose and that I wouldn’t normally buy on a regular basis.


I am 110% sticking with this as a subscription. I really like all of the products that I got and am just too curious to cancel now, like, what am I going to get for my fall box?! It’s so exciting.

Plus, I mean, $50 every three months, you are getting SO much for that. Like I said earlier, I added the costs of each of my items and it was literally $300 worth of stuff. That’s a lot of stuff.

My only con with this box was the shipping. I ordered my box on June 26 and I did not receive it until July 20. Yikes.

Now, I know this is a quarterly subscription box, and when you are new and order in the middle of the season and current members’ box shipments have already gone out, but YEESH that Is almost a month of waiting.

I wasn’t mad because I knew I wasn’t going to get it right away because I was ordering so late after summer boxes were already sent, but it was a bummer not knowing when I was going to get it.

They don’t give you any delivery information until it ships. Since my order was in late June, my delivery options weren’t listed on shipping dates. So I had a delivery status of “Awaiting Shipment” on the site.

But when I finally got that email saying “Yay! Your box has shipped!” it was like Christmas.

Are you interested in buying a subscription?

I have THREE vouchers for starter boxes that I would love to send to you.

A starter box is a lil’ teaser box of the real deal. You get 3-4 full-size products and only have to pay for shipping. If you sign up for a starter box, you get enrolled in a free-trial which auto enrolls you to FabFitFun after 21 days (and you will be charged).

BUT, if you hate your box or just want a few free things, you can cancel before the 21 days are up and you won’t be charged a thing.

If you want a starter box, take a screenshot of this blog post, post it to your insta story, and tag me @thelivkapp and hurry because the vouchers expire THIS Saturday, July 27.

Hit me up if you have any products/brands you want me to try out or if you have any questions on the FabFitFun Box!

Thanks for stopping by ☆


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